So cooking and blogging have become quite the obsession for me as of late and I’ve absolutely LOVED reading other people’s blogs, especially seeing their beautiful pictures and how they display their dishes.  I’ve become so inspired!  It’s funny though, when looking at other sites I find myself going to their very first post and comparing it to where they are now in terms of cooking and photography.  The one thing most bloggers seem to have in common is that they begin using a basic camera and, not only upgrade to a nice, professional camera later on, but they have learned how to perfectly plate their food while also knowing how to set their camera on the exact settings to create the perfect picture!  I do realize, however, this skill takes time and practice and that the majority of those amazing blogs have been up for a few years.

With that said…I’m jealous!  I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I want each dish to look as incredible as all the ones I see throughout the day while browsing through random food blogs.  For example, it was so funny the other night…my poor boyfriend was looking forward to the carribean jerk chicken that had been smelling up our house all evening and, as soon as it was done, I grabbed my pretty new place mat, took 10 minutes to plate the chicken and add the necessary garnishes and then proceeded to take my plate to the end table in the living room since that area seemed to have the best light!  I made Chris hold the light at the perfect angle (while the Caps were playing I should add) so that I could get the perfect picture…..with my iPhone.  Yes, the best camera I currently have at my disposal at the moment is my trusty little iPhone.  I’m not gonna lie, I’m shocked at how well the pictures turn out on it, but I am sooo ready to upgrade all ready!  Anyway, I made him hold the light in the same spot while I took over 10 pictures at varying angles.  The end result??  His arm was sore, he missed the Caps score a goal and our food was getting cold……sigh.

Ok…so I guess I should take pride in the fact that I haven’t even had this blog over a month now and I’ve learned so much already.  I love cooking so much and being able to share everything I’ve made has been such a joy!  I really do learn something everyday so I can’t wait to see where I’ll be this time next year or even in 6 months!  Thanks for listening to my rant and a big thanks to everyone following me in my quest to create the perfect blog.  It is definitely a work in progress so, through trial and error, I’ll hopefully find my niche in the blogging world and become a better cook in the process!