YES glorious, isn’t it.
Unfortunately I’ve been home sick this week with a horrible stomach virus so I apologize for the lack of recipes and unanswered e-mails.  Sometimes in life all you really need is to just turn the computer off, make some hot tea and curl up with cheesy Lifetime movies…I swear they’re my guilty pleasure.  I DO want to say how excited I was to watch my sweet friend Casey Wiegand on the Today Show yesterday!  She was featured for being a “momtrepreneur” and showed off all the beautiful artwork her kids create at A Little Artsy, she’s truly amazing!
Oh and don’t think I forgot about announcing the winner for the bubble necklaces!  This is such a great giveaway and one I’d personally like to win if I could!  I wear my necklaces all the time and can’t wait to add a few more to the collection.
Congratulations Amanda!  I’ll be in touch with you soon!!
Thanks again for being so patient with me while I get over this nasty bug.  I have some exciting new holiday recipes in the works to be posted next week and some fun house updates to share as well!  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!