Ok so I’ve had a TON of requests lately to show a quick tour of my home that’s currently being built.  This is my very first home and the process has been completely amazing, totally stressful, and full of crazy surprises – but I wouldn’t change a thing!  I took some photos this past weekend and they’re still touching things up, installing appliances and they still have yet to put a final coat of paint on so the place is pretty messy, but I can still see all the endless possibilities right at my fingertips!  Our actual pre-settlement walk through is this Friday and closing will hopefully be scheduled some time after Christmas.  {Fingers crossed!!!}  Considering my tiny apartment is filled to the ceiling with boxes and bubble wrap, I can hardly wait to move in!
Hope you enjoy this little sneak peek.
So there it is!  It’s dusty, messy and unpainted, but I can’t wait to live in my new lovely space!  Thank goodness for Pinterest and all the fun ideas I’ve stumbled upon.  I must admit I’ll most likely be living in kitchen for the first six months, I’m obsessed with all the space!  To follow even more updates, feel free to follow me on Instagram @EatUrselfSkinny here!
So tell me, what’s your favorite room in the house?