I’m literally in tears right now as I type this and felt that this needed to be shared.  I am at such a loss of words for the tragedy that took place today to those sweet children and teachers in Newtown, Connecticut.  What makes a person walk into an elementary school and open fire on little babies is way beyond my comprehension…I pray so much for those families who lost someone today and am so deeply saddened that we live in the world we live in.  When did things take such a horrible turn?  When did elementary schools go from a safe haven to a place of fear?  Why is it this keeps happening??  Never in my life, until today, did I worry so much about bringing a child into this world — things really need to change // and fast.
Please keep these children and their families in your thoughts and prayers tonight as I can’t even imagine how one begins to cope with everything that has just happened, my heart aches for them in so many ways.  Go home and hug your babies a little tighter tonight and give them all the kisses in the world.