Devon is the beautiful writer behind The Jack Chronicles and yes, Jack would be her adorable sweet boy.  She’s a full-time mommy, housewife, traveler, photographer, DIYer (sure that’s a word) and just so happens to be a home cook too! 
 When she’s not taking gorgeous pictures of her family and friends, she’s sharing delicious recipes over on her other blog The Zucchini Diaries.  Miss Devon I already have my eye on your summer peach balsamic pizza  – absolutely brilliant!
Another reason I adore this girl so much is because she truly shows her love for her family in each post she writes.  Whether it be the meals she cooks for them, fun ideas to do with your kids or even sharing her daily life with a 1 year old, Devon has something for everyone!  And when I say something for everyone I really mean just that.  I mean look at her Skinny Girls Apple Pie!
So head on over to check out Devon, little Jack and her wonderful hubby as they share their journey of life, love and every sweet thing in between!
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