Happy Friday!
And since there just so happens to be an extra Friday this month, Heather, from The Lovely Cupboard, had the brilliant idea of doing a fun salad swap!  With it being summer and all, this was the perfect way to showcase some of our favorite recipes.  You can find my Grilled Honey-Orange Chicken Salad on her blog, so check these both out!
Hello there! I’m Heather from The Lovely Cupboard, and I’m thrilled to share my favorite summer salad with all of you today. Kelly is over at my blog sharing one her favs. Summer is probably the only time of the year that I actually crave salads. Oh sure, I eat them year round, but usually while dreaming about the steak or burger my husband is eating across the table from me. Not during this time of year though! I love shopping for produce when so much is in season. Tomatoes taste straight from the vine, onions are sweeter, and greens are crunchier.
This salad is packed with protein to keep you feeling very satisfied (despite whatever else is being consumed across the table). Salmon, edamame (soy beans), and goat cheese are the perfect trio. Sweet cherry tomatoes and red onion provide beautiful color as well as flavor, and a homemade honey mustard dressing tops it off. (Don’t worry, it’s really simple. I promise.)
Honey Mustard Dressing
    -4 T honey
    -2 T mustard
    -1/4 c vinegar
    -1/2 c olive or grape seed oil
Add ingredients to a Mason jar, screw on the lid, and shake until
emulsified. (Also, you could just whisk for a couple minutes in a bowl.)
I use a mason jar because it’s great to store left over dressing.
There’s just something about eating a meal with so much color and texture. So, what’s your favorite summer salad? (PS-Let’s just pretend that pasta and potato salads count too…) Thanks to Kelly for participating in the salad swap with me!