Oh heyyy.  Yes I am still alive and yes still blogging of course.  Life has a way of throwing little wrenches into your seemingly perfect world and then when it rains….it really starts to pour.
As you know, I’ve recently dealt with my Grandma’s heart attack, which was certainly enough of a scare for this year, and then on Chris’ birthday I ended up in the ER for my stupid foot.  What I failed to mention was while I was there the nurse who bandaged me up noticed a strange spot on my leg.  She immediately asked if I had ever had this checked out, and to be honest I had never really noticed it before.  Big mistake ladies…ALWAYS check your bodies for anything new that appears or if any moles change shape.  Well she told me to make an appointment with my dermatologist ASAP and to have it biopsied for *gulp* cancer.
Um…yes the “C” word.
Well Melanoma to be exact.  Not a term I would ever think would be associated with ME at age 28.  You can bet all the pain I had left in my foot was taken over by nerves and a deep sinking feeling in my stomach.  So I made an appointment for a biopsy to be taken which was yesterday.  I sat in a cold room with an even colder doctor (who I probably will never go back to pending the results) and had to lay there while I once again had more numbing shots and a scalpel cutting into me.  I’m not really sure if it was the fear of the procedure or fear of the unknown that made me burst into tears, but lemme tell you…I was one hot mess.
So now I’m just playing the waiting game and praying that its nothing serious.  On top of hobbling around on my sore foot and now stitched up leg, I still managed to get away this weekend and get my mind off things.  The wine festival Saturday was just what I needed and we went to see Miranda Lambert in concert on Sunday.  So since this little blog is about my life, my drama and pretty much every little thing in between, I thought I’d catch you up through some pictures.
 So there ya go.  I have had a blast these past few weeks and it has definitely been the perfect start to what will be an amazing summer.  We’re headed up to New York this weekend for a wedding so just one more thing to look forward to.  It sure keeps my mind off all the other crap I’ve been stressed about, but I’m really hopeful I’m just worrying over nothing.
And yes ladies, I did finish 50 Shades of Grey while out on the boat and am just about through book two.  It is AMAAAZING and definitely a must-read.  So run out and buy it if you haven’t already…go ahead, I dare you.
Well thanks for letting me vent loves.  My emotions have been all over the place lately, I seem to be behind on practically everything and I just thought y’all should know why I’ve been so absent.  I’m usually never this disorganized, but I’m definitely getting back into the swing of things this week.  I sure miss cooking and my camera is starting to accumulate dust!
Ok not really.
But I’m ready to try some new recipes and get back to my {semi} stress-free life.