WOW so what a morning!  I had this great post scheduled for y’all today listing out my Top 10 favorite Valentine’s Day picks for your sweetie complete with pictures and recipes, until I came across THIS.
Yes friends, THAT is the guest post I was surprised with this morning on my dear friend Claire’s blog The Realistic Nutritionist.  My boyfriend Chris, unbeknownst to me, reached out to her last week asking if he could write a post on her site and surprise me with it {knowing I read her blog daily!}  It was the sweetest post I’ve ever read and brought me back to the day I met him almost 2 years ago at a country concert!  Sooooorta wish he had left out how much we drank {oops} but it’s all apart of the story and I wouldn’t change one second of that day.
 Taken the night we met
 (Please disregard the beer stains)
 Little does he know I have surprises up my sleeve today as well, but this post was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me and tops anything I could ever have planned!  I’m so blessed to have him in my life and can’t wait til the day I can call him my hubby.
Love you Christopher!