Soo I finally got all my Christmas decorations up tonight!  Pretty sure that’s my favorite part about the holidays, dusting off all the boxes you’ve had stored away since last Christmas and strategically placing everything around the house until exhaustion sets in.  Currently I have the Michael Buble Christmas Special playing {umm love him!}, I have my glass of red wine next to me and my house smells of fresh baked cookies and peppermint.  Doesn’t get much better than that!
Unfortunately I don’t have a tree to decorate since my apartment is a taaad bit small, but I’m hoping this is the last year I’ll go treeless!  Until then, I thought I’d share with you all a few pieces of Christmas in our house.
Little DIY action and made this for the bar area
I’m in LOVE with these place settings
And I of course couldn’t forget to snap little Oliver in his Christmas sweater.  Don’t be fooled, he loves it.
Disclaimer: No my walls are not THAT yellow, my iPhone made them look super bright…
Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far!  This weekend I plan to finish up the rest of my Christmas shopping, get more baking in and some wrapping done.  This really IS the best time of year!