So I have kind of a deep post to share today.  With Christmas right around the corner and having just spent Thanksgiving with my family, it really makes you miss those that are absent and gone too soon from our lives.  It’s been 7 years since my Poppop died unexpectedly, but he’s never far from my heart and is always with me, especially during Christmas.  Everyone has that special bond with someone in their family whether it be you’re Daddy’s little girl, or have that favorite Uncle you’re close with, but for me it was my Poppop and he was truly my hero.
I think when we lose someone we love, we first mourn their absence, but then start to think about everything that they will now miss in our lives.  It’s still hard for me to grasp that he never saw me graduate college, yet he drove me 3 hours down to school my freshman year, hauled all my belongings into my dorm room (videotaping every step of the way) and then drove 3 hours back.  How he won’t see me dance at my wedding even though he taught me how to dance, won’t be there to meet my first child or even get to be a babysitter like he was for me.  As sad as all that is though, I think we need to remember all the amazing memories we DID have and choose to celebrate their life rather than mourn their loss.  
I had made this video years ago while going through old home movies and chose a song that was near and dear to both of us.  It’s only a short clip, but was taken on Thanksgiving and truly shows the bond we shared.  I came across it today and well, since this is a blog about my life as well as cooking, I couldn’t think of anyone else better to share it with.  He taught me to dance, he taught me to laugh and he taught me how to love.  If that’s all you know in life, I think you’re already one step ahead of the game.
So I urge you to go hug someone you’re close with today
because you’ll sure miss it when you no longer can.