Yes you heard me correctly….a food blogger cookie swap!!  I absolutely LOVE this idea as every year I have my own cookie exchange between me and my close friends, but now I can participate in one with other bloggers!  This fabulous swap was put together by some amazing ladies, Lindsay of Love and Olive Oil and Julie of The Little Kitchen.
So how do you join {because you know you want to!}??  Well glad you asked.  Basically you will receive the addresses of three other food bloggers.  You will then send your designated foodies one dozen cookies each of your homemade cookies.  In return you will receive three different boxes of cookies from other participating bloggers!  How fun is that??  {Don’t judge me if I eat them all myself…}  Also, on December 12th, everyone will post their delicious recipes (because you know you can never get enough of cookie recipes) and everyone will see who each other got!  To learn more about The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap go here.  The deadline to sign up is Tuesday, November 15th so hurry up and join in on all the fun!
I love this because it’s just in time for Christmas, here are some cookies I made last year.  I love this time of year!!

Well hope you all decide to join in on the fun!  Who knows, maybe I’ll get your yummy delicious cookies!  Nom nom nom!