So I decided today that I’m going to start a new diet way of life.  I refuse to call it a “diet” because I fail at those.  Miserably.  I was recently inspired by my new favorite blog Heather Eats Almond Butter and her story is incredibly inspiring.
Do I have some cool story to share with you all about my trials and tribulations with dieting and losing weight?
But I do always seem to yo-yo, despite my healthy cooking, and realized today I MUST keep myself accountable…hence sharing this with all of you.  Dieting never works for me because as soon as I deprive myself of the foods I enjoy, I end up over-indulging and putting any weight I’ve lost right.back.on.  In college I found success with Weight Watchers, but I’m horrible at counting calories and keeping track of everything which may surprise you since I do calculate them for each of my recipes.  Well confession.  I do that for YOU!  But I should really be doing that for myself as well.  So what is this “new way of life” I speak of??
I’m giving up sugar.  ALL sugar.{GASP!}

How am I going to do this?  I HAVE NO CLUE.  But honestly I think it will be the best way for me to still maintain a healthy diet and eat the foods I enjoy, while losing the unnecessary weight that’s crept on.  I’ve found that I’ve become addicted to diet coke.  And when I say “addicted” I seriously mean I may suffer from withdrawls within the first 5 hours of giving up any and all sugar products.  Why sugar you ask?  Because I love carbs and I just can’t part with them.
But alas I’m excited for this new venture and I am very serious about it.  All diets are different for everyone and I’m looking for a way to just FEEL better after eating.  Will I still have the occasional glass of wine?  Of course.  No one is perfect and I certainly don’t claim to be.  But I will do my best and see if this works for me.  No worries, I’m not cutting sugar out of my entire blog!  I still have a sugar-loving boyfriend to cook for as well as wonderful friends so I don’t plan on changing up my recipes, BUT I’m excited to share some yummy sugar-free recipes too!
Here’s some fabulous sugar-free blogs to get me started:
Simple Sugar and Gluten Free
Sugar Free Style
Spoonful of Sugar Free
Miranda’s Untamed Kitchen
My other new venture that will be incorporated into this new way of life is that I plan on running a half-marathon this Spring (maaaaybe a marathon if I can work up to that but c’mon, baby steps).  Like I’ve shared with you before, me and running have a love/hate relationship and I’m horrible at keeping up with it once I’ve started.  With that said, maybe setting this goal for myself will help me stick with it.  Thank gawd fall weather has graced itself upon us and it won’t be so hot!
Well thanks for hearing my ramblings, I’ll keep you updated on how this works for me.  Who knows, maybe this will become my new addiction!  Most likely not, but hey ya never know.
  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!