Hey guys!!
Sorry I haven’t posted in about a month, trust me I miss it so much!  I’m still waiting on the new blog design so I haven’t wanted to post much until that was completed.  I’m having lots of fun playing with my new DSLR camera, but STILL have sooo much to learn….sigh.  Kudos to all you photographers out there, it’s fun but sure is a lot of hard work!
I also wanted to give a HUGE thanks to Cooking Light magazine for this AMAZING gift basket full of all sorts of fun goodies!  (I apologize for the blurry picture, I was at work and only had my iPhone on me)  Anyhoo, I was so excited to receive this mostly because Cooking Light has been the inspiration for most of my delicious recipes and I’m always so excited when their newest magazine hits my mailbox!
Sooo I should be back to posting VERY soon, especially since I’ve got so many great recipes I’ve been saving to make :)  Hope you all are having a faaaabulous summer and look forward to blogging again soon!