YAY!  It’s my puppy’s FIRST birthday!  Just like in everything I do, I sorta went all out for it haha.  But he’s so worth it!  He has been my absolute pride and joy since the day I brought him home and even my boyfriend who hates little dogs is in love with him.  I’m talking completely attached!
I originally wanted to make him an actual dog cake for his birthday, but all the recipes I read had these crazy ingredients I had never heard of and, since he’s only 3 pounds, I didn’t want to make him sick!  So I put together a cake that his mommy and daddy could enjoy.  I even used graham cracker scooby snacks to decorate around the cake since they look like dog bones, I loved how it turned out!  Oliver definitely has enough treats though to make him happy and full.
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVER!  I love you so much and I’m so glad you’re in my life!  You’ve grown up so much in a year and you’re still just as cute as the day I brought you home.  Here’s to many more birthdays with you!