So to go along with my yummy taquitos, I decided to use my amazing quesadilla maker (thank you Chris!) and serve some cheesy quesadillas along side of them.  Usually this would be SUPER fattening, however the simplicity of these little wedges are surprisingly low-fat.  I used low-fat, low-carb 10 inch flour tortillas, fat-free mexican cheese (Weight Watchers carries a delicious brand that you can find in any grocery store!) and I chopped up half of a crisp green bell pepper to sprinkle over the cheese inside.  Since I have an actual quesadilla maker, it makes this dish much easier, but an oven will work just as well.  Feel free to add pieces of chicken, red bell pepper or salsa inside as well.  You can’t mess these up if you tried!
Have fun and bon appetit!